What can you Do in Quarantine 2020?

What can you Do in Quarantine 2020?

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Don’t worry, it’s also okay not to be hyperproductive in quarantine

 What can you Do in Quarantine 2020

Remember that your health is much more important than what you have done at home.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, it has been suggested that you stay busy, that you take advantage of your free time in doing things that you did not have time before, even in social networks the following text circulated: “if you do not leave this quarantine with a reading book, a new skill, a new business,new Netflix movies or more knowledge than before, you never lacked time, the only discipline,” and well, clearly the quarantine is not a free time, it is not a vacation, but a time of survival.

Do not be distressed if you feel that you have not “used” your time, and you are not obliged to be hyper productive.

Not all people are fortunate to stay at home, or to continue studying from there, or working; Nor do they have the resources to learn something new, to run a new business, or to have a whole repertoire of books or objects that can keep them busy.

Don't worry, it's also okay not to be hyperproductive in quarantine

To be honest, it is enough with what you do: stay at home and take care of your health and that of others, trying to survive under your roof.

If you have a home office, you know that your free time is very limited because you meet the same hours as you did in the office, however, that is not all, you should also take care of your duties at home, among other things with that you deal with day by day as projects, etc.

It is not important to exploit yourself: reading thousands of books, taking hundreds of online courses, learning something new, exercising, or doing a new business.

So don’t be distressed if you feel the pressure that you have to do something, no, you don’t have to do it if you can’t, don’t feel bad and don’t feel guilty either.

You are distressed about everything that happens, the deaths, the contagions, the danger and it is normal that you feel without the will to do something extra to your obligations, the situation has generated anxiety, concern and it is not for nothing, it is something serious Worldwide.


What really matters is that you take care of yourself, rest when possible, and if you have time and desire, then do something that can help you feel better. You do not have to do something new every day, but when you have energy and desire to do it.

You have the right to do nothing. It is not a competition to see who does more activities, but to achieve calm and, when you want to change the routine, then you can do it without pressure or commitment to invest your time in something else.

Always remember that your health is much more important than what you have done at home, so be relaxed and do whatever you like and never fell less.

Taking extra burden does not make things easy, so just stay stress free and do your best to stay happy and healthy.

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