How to choose the perfect jeans for your body ?

How to choose the perfect jeans for your body ?

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 How to choose the perfect jeans for your body ?

We can all have perfect jeans, that adapt to our figure, although we do not believe it. This will depend, mainly, on our body type. Since, if we do not take into account this detail, it is likely that we will be disproportionate. Therefore, we are going to discuss some tips that you must follow when shopping for your jeans. This way, you won’t waste your time trying on pants that will never fit you. Let’s see How to choose the perfect jeans for your body ?

Perfect jeans for hourglass shaped bodies

This body is characterized by having shoulders and hips of the same width, a well defined waist, and well shaped legs.

If you are one of those “blessed and lucky” women with this body type, any jeans will look great on you. Skinny jeans will help highlight your curves.

If you want to achieve a more balanced figure, you can choose skinny jeans. Take advantage of its excellent silhouette to wear stretch pants.

Perfect body jeans for pear shaped

This body is distinguished by having wide hips. Women with these types of women tend to accumulate more fat in this part of the body.

So they have well defined hips and thick thighs. For this silhouette, it will benefit you with some dark jeans of medium rise. Straight jeans (which have the boot the same width as the entire leg of the pants) are perfect since they will divert your eyes towards the hips. We recommend that you always have simple stitching and large back pockets because they will draw your hips’ attention.

Perfect jeans for bodies in the shape of a rectangle

The rectangle body is characterized by having the shoulders’ measurement similar to that of the waist and hips. Also, they do not have a very pronounced waist, and the arms and legs are thin in proportion to the rest of the body. They also usually have fairly flat buttocks and little bust.
For this body, the perfect jeans are those of medium rise because it will highlight the shape of the hips and conceal the wide waist. To look curvier, choose a high or mid rise skinny jeans. Small back or side pockets and studs or glitters make hips look bigger.

Perfect jeans for bodies in the shape of an inverted triangle

 perfect jeans

This type of body is characterized by having broad shoulders, small breasts, and a figure that narrows in the lower part of the body. The hips don’t protrude much, the legs are slim. To highlight it, the flared or wide jeans must be used. If you are very thin, light colored pants are best. They are worn or discolored that create more volume in the legs.

Other details to choose the perfect jeans

   the perfect jeans for your body ?

When trying on, you should definitely follow a few important rules:

⦁ Get out of the locker room and walk up and down a little in your jeans. Also, you should either sit down once in the pants or squat. Only then can you reliably assess whether the jeans offer you sufficient comfort. Because only a pair of jeans that fit comfortably fits well.
⦁ Look critically into the mirror from a few meters away, this gives you a more realistic picture of the fit of the jeans than if you were standing directly in front of the cabin mirror.
⦁ Be sure to also look at the jeans from behind. For this purpose, the cabin should have a mirror with a hinged side wing. If this is not the case, buy your pants in another shop in the future.
⦁ Never choose jeans on your own, but always with a friend or family member. Encourage your companion, who should have good taste, to speak your mind bluntly.
⦁ Never choose a denim model that needs to be shortened or otherwise changed. The range of jeans for men and women is large enough to find a pair of pants that fit well.

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