Best 4  benefits of grapes for   skin  WILL MAKE YOU GRATEFUL

Best 4 benefits of grapes for skin WILL MAKE YOU GRATEFUL

benefits of grapes for SKIN

benefits of grapes for SKIN

We always resort to cosmetics to take care of our skin and hair ; we must never forget that sometimes it is not necessary to make large financial investments to be perfect. Many foods can help us in our purpose by making homemade masks, creams, or scrubs.

The fruits are rich in vitamins, and are ideal for our overall body and can help you both inside and out. However, each of them has specific characteristics that make them more recommendable for some things or others. The grapes are a great source of energy and vitamins while great allies for our skin’s health


Grapes are a fruit with a good source of fiber, few calories, and very tasty. But the benefits of grapes for SKIN do not end there, since they also contain a large amount of antioxidants with polyphenols. Polyphenols are our best allies, since they help elastin and collagen fibers (which keeps the skin of our face and body firm) to degrade less, so we can keep it young for longer.


In this way, eating grapes will help us to keep our skin strong and elastic, thus taking longer to age. So good is the anti-aging effect of grapes that many brands incorporate this food into their creams and gels to make them more effective in a very natural way.


The grape seeds have as many or more benefits for SKIN than the fruit itself. If we use everything, that is, skin, pulp, and seeds, we will achieve a better result for our skin. A large amount of elastin and collagen is found in the seeds of this fruit (just like in the skin and pulp), but we don’t need to eat them. Simply by separating them from the fruit, putting them in a mortar, and mashing them with a little almond oil, we will get an ideal homemade mask to exfoliate our face and keep it clean and free of impurities.


Exfoliating the facial skin is essential to keep it free of acne and blackheads. With an application of this mask of homemade grapes once a week, we will have the skin of our face clean and exfoliated so that it looks healthy and perfect.


benefits of grapes for SKIN

In addition to eating them, the grapes applied in a mask are very beneficial for our skin’s elasticity. So, we can buy a cream that has this ingredient in its composition or make a homemade mask made from chopped grapes (with the skin, the pulp and without the seeds) and coconut oil:


benefits of grapes for SKIN

We will start by crushing all the grapes well and removing both the skins and the seeds and the most resistant parts that do not finish crushing. That ‘mash’ of grapes is mixed with coconut oil. Then we will apply it to the entire face, avoiding the eyes, ears, nostrils, and lips, and we will let it act throughout the night. In the morning, we will wash our face well to eliminate any excess, and then we will be able to enjoy firmer, more elastic, soft, and hydrated skin.


benefits of grapes for SKIN

Consuming this food, either in cream or eating the fruit, helps our skin to become more resistant to sunlight. This does not mean that you should not apply sun cream when you go to sunbathe, but taking grapes helps us to make our skin stronger and more resistant to the sun.


benefits of grapes for SKIN

In addition to eating them or applying them to the face or body in masks, we can also take them in capsules, because many manufacturers prepare vitamin or anti-aging supplements with this fruit, since its benefits for the skin have been highly demonstrable.

There are many benefits of grapes for our skin, so you should enjoy this delicious fruit as much as you want, not only for its taste, but also because it will help you keep the skin softer and more hydrated and the face more tense and firm, delaying the natural aging process and the appearance of wrinkles.

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